1. Nicholas Maunder

    Why are reservation systems seemingly so complex?

    Having a family background in the rental and property industry, I take for granted the complexity that is associated with a decent reservation system. To anyone new to the industry and perhaps some establishment owners, the requirements may seem fairly simple. But the reality could not be further from the truth. The complexity of a booking system is essentially driven by the assortment of complex rate models and room configurations that are currently being used. A successful booking engine needs to be able to adapt to each owners unique needs, no matter how obscure or contrarian. Some of the more common rate scenarios include: The normal seasonal rates; Low,...
  2. Nicholas Maunder

    P3 WordPress Performance Plugin

    Monitor your WordPress plugin performance with P3 Profiler. I have been using P3 Profiler for a number of year now to weed out the occasional slow plugin. This is a extremely easy tool to use and has a great graphic interface to diplay the perfmance of each plugin including the them that you are running. It has reduced the loading time of some of my WordPress project significantly. Let me get one ugly fact out of the way about this plugin… It is a free GoDaddy product. And what makes it even worse, is that is a great one. There are many reasons to dislike GoDaddy, but the good news is that you...
  3. Nicholas Maunder

    Current User Data

    Some incredible stats from Number of WordPress installs hosted on 54,955,129 (Yes, that is >54 Million) Over 333 million people view more than 2.5 billion pageseach month. users produce about 500,000 new posts and400,000 new comments on an average day. Where in the world is used? We host WordPress blogs written in over 120 languages. Below is a break down of the top 10 languages: English 66% Spanish 8.7% Portuguese 6.5% Indonesian 3.5% Italian 2% German 1.8% French 1.4% Russian 1.1% Vietnamese 1.1% Swedish 1.0% Number of post & pages created every day. Access all the data on
  4. Nicholas Maunder

    Another reason to Love the WordPress S2Member plugin.

    I am trying to thinking back on when I first discover S2member for WordPress. It is hard to recall a exact date, as my first experience with the WordPress plugin brief. I think that i was just playing around with some plugins when it cam across my path. Now that i understand S2memebers, it is not the sort of plugin that works immediately our of the box. it requires some configuration and though to get the best out of it. But when you do configure the Plugin correctly, it is a god send. There are many reasons to love the software: The easy membership level configuration. PayPal &...
  5. Nicholas Maunder

    Increase WordPress Speed by Removing Revisions

    While being brilliant on most fronts, WordPress does have a few features that can slow a website or blog down. One area that I discovered a while ago is the build in revision system. WordPress maintains a extensive record of all post updates and updates, including some meta data and tags. While this is useful, the data does build up over time and WordPress does access this data when loading posts or pages on your site. To determine the size of your revisions in your database, there is a great plugin called Better Delete Revisions. The plugin starts off by giving a count on the number of versions,...
  6. Nicholas Maunder

    Speed up WordPress with P3 Performance Profiler.

    Monitoring your website speed is always a major issue. In our quest to build better and faster websites, we constantly come across a few great tools. Where possible I hope to share these with you. P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) We only recently started to use the P3 plugin and it is an absolute gem. We all love plug-ins, and adding too many is the surest way to slow down your website. However, not all plugins have the same impact on your websites performance.  P3 Profiler will run a quick diagnostics on your website and benchmark all your plugins and your themes performance so you can identify what is...
  7. Nicholas Maunder

    WordPress: By far the best choice.

    Building a new website requires that a number of critical long term technology decisions are made fairly early on in the project cycle. Typically most business owners are not fully equipped to make key technology decisions of this nature and do not completely understand the long-term impact of these initial decisions. They are reliant on impartial guidance from their web development company. Unfortunately personal ability and business strategies can influence advice received. Selecting a Content Management System is one of these critical decisions that can have a very long term impact. So what is a CMS? A Content Management System is a piece of software that enables you to edit your own website...

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BridgeHouse was formally founded in 2004, although our web development experience extends well back into the 1990’s. We have extensive exposure in various website content management systems and web applications. We prefer to only use and support open source solutions in most of our projects. While we are based in Cape Town, we have clients that work with us from around South Africa.

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